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Flowtrition is a gentle touch that allows for the integration of life experiences stored in the body as tension. It is a means of finding the touch, nutrition, and thoughts that encourage growth and evolution of the individual. We see the perfection of the person and their body, without judgement.

Stress is part of life, but there can be huge differences in how one person versus another responds to stress.  Ideally, after a stressful event we go back into recovery mode, which is important for our overall health.  When we are at the high end of stress, like a fight-or-flight situation, all of our energy goes to the muscles to take action and protect us.  When we are at the other end of stress, or no stress, all of the energy of the body is going to our internal organs, digesting food, healing injuries, and boosting our immune system.  So it is vital at times to respond to stress when it is life threatening, but if we do not return to the other end of the scale, we can have a body with a compromised immune system, kidney challenges, etc.


In addition, many people's bodies are responding to stresses such as paying bills, work that they do not enjoy, famly, etc. as if these are life or death stresses.  The healthier the nervous system, the more it will respond appropriately.  Most people who receive Flowtrition notice that while they still have stresses in their life, they are better able to handle them.  Often they are better equipped to deal with situations and people, and notice they are more efficient.  In addition their overall health improves.


Each person is unique, and Flowtrition honors that uniqueness. The places of contact can be different places at different times, usually along the spine.  These places have a specific, and palpable feel to them.  That is why Flowtrition can be taught to anyone with a sense of touch.


The magnitude of a simple, but profound touch continues to amaze us, and hold us in awe of the body's ability to change and heal.  Flow sessions that look like miracles, where a person improves in a way other doctors said was impossible, or where nothing else made any difference, validates the power of allowing the body, the nervous system the chance to change through a light touch. {}

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